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Lizard Pest Control Services in Dubai

Lizards are common reptiles found in our houses and they are considered harmless creatures. They usually eat flies, ants, and other small insects. Even though they are harmless, Lizards can carry salmonella and other germs that can make you sick? These creatures are found in Dubai because of the climate it offers, and in your homes because of ample shelter, water, and food. Moreover, some people have Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles). If you are struggling to control Lizards at your home or have Herpetophobia? You are at the right place now. Al Waha Hygiene is a leading Lizard pest control services company in Dubai. We have had expertise in reptile and Lizard controlling services for more than a decade in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. 

If you are thinking of how to get rid of Lizard in Dubai, we will give you the best lizard removal solution within your limited budget. We deploy top-notch lizard control services to stop the pest and cockroach infestation and make your house pest-free and a happy place. 

Sources of Lizard infestation:

Untidy house environment: Food is the first source for lizards. Along with lizards, many other insects and flies enter your house and might lead to health problems. 
Cluttered surroundings: If your surroundings are cluttered, lizards will occupy that place and hide behind doors, shelves, and other parts of your house.  
Water: Due to hot weather conditions in Dubai, lizards will move to places where there is standing water and enter into houses. Stagnated water is also a source for mosquitos and other insects. 

If you want to control lizards, then immediately book a call with Al Waha Hygiene company today. 

Lizard control and removal services:

We use the following chemicals and equipment for lizard controlling. 

  1. Chemicals like CYPERMETHRIN
  2. A Good Pump Sprayer
  3. If you have a big yard to treat then a Hose End Sprayer will be used.
  4. For insect control use of Dforce Aerosol is very effective.
  5. Pest Rid Granules.
  6. Pest Rid Sprays.
  7. Lizards glue trap.

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Al Waha Hygiene is the most experienced and leading lizard pest control services company in Dubai with a motto of enhancing people's happiness and safety. The following 4 factors make us different from others. 

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  1. Experienced and professional staff 
  2. Dubai Municipality recognized and Government certified disinfection services company
  3. Unmatchable service delivery and follow up services

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