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    Municipality Approved Pest Control and Disinfection Services in UAE

    Al Waha Hygiene is Tadweer and Dubai Municipality approved company in U.A.E. We provides effective pest control, disinfection, general maintenance, termite control, facade cleaning & water tank cleaning services across the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah). Request for a Call-back & Get rid of pests forever !
    Pest Control Services

    Specialist Pest Control & Facilities Services Provider in UAE

    We know The Importance Of Home & Office Cleaning, Sterilization & Pest Control Services

    AL WAHA HYGIENE PEST CONTROL AND FACILITIES SERVICES L.L.C. was established in April 2017. We value the importance of health and safety of every individual by bringing our innovative facilities, highly experienced technicians, and thorough structural and modern approved techniques, putting together, to restore a well maintained, and risk-free environment, giving you a total peace of mind. We are ISO Certified, Tadweer Registered and Municipality approved for Health Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai, proven that, we are committed to provide excellent quality service in the United Arab Emirates, aligned with the standardization and quality assurance across the globe. We are also the home of expert technicians, with vast experience in the field of Disinfection, Pest Control, Termite Control, and Deep cleaning procedures and highly trained customer service associates.

    Detailed Home & Office Sanitization Services In U.A.E.

    Due to the Covid-19 (Covid -19 and its variants like omicron, Delta, etc) pandemic disinfectant services have become a high necessity to keep your workplace and home germ-free. Our company is now providing modernized sanitization and cleaning solutions to home and professional establishments. Al Waha Hygiene’s professionals are trained with all sorts of certifications to meet national and international standards.

    home and office sanitization

    How Do We Operate Home & Office Cleaning Services?

    Let us make your home and office comfortable again. We pledge to deliver the finest home cleaning services, making every touch completely safe. Through our commendable facilities, we ensure all the nooks and corners of your home are safe for your entire family. We also make certain that your workplace maintains that high level of cleanliness that is required for smooth business operations and increased productivity.

    Our Services

    Although we serve all kinds of pest control services including deep cleaning and facade cleaning services here below we have mentioned some of our featured services

    Pest infestations can harm your well-being, property, and brand. Ensure the protection of your health and wealth.

    We are the leading disinfection company that offers the best price disinfection services across the UAE

    We are the leading & #1 general maintenance company that offers best price general maintenance services across UAE.

    We are the leading termite control company that offers pre and post anti-termite treatment services across the UAE.

    We are the leading facade cleaning company that offers the best price rope access and facade cleaning services across the UAE

    We are the leading and trusted general maintenance company that offers best price water tank cleaning services across UAE.

    Pests Don’t Rest Neither Do We!

    Pests are a serious and continuous threat to the environment. Whether it’s home where you assume your family is safe, or an office where you spend almost half of your day; pests exist everywhere and cause diseases and infestations. At Al Waha Hygiene, we go all-out for their complete extermination in such a way that their chances of coming back are minimized to zero.
    Feel free to reach one of our experts for quotes regarding cleaning, disinfection, and pest control services. For any urgent needs, send a WhatsApp to our contact centers from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, all 7 days of the week at +971 56 695 2225


    Pests are insect that can have a harmful effect on humans and living conditions. Here are some of the most common pests we can help you with an active approach and the right products.

    We provide trusted cockroach pest control services in UAE.

    Allow us to assist you in getting rid of those pesky rats and ensuring that your place is rat-free!

    We offer the best bed bug infestation treatment options.

    Do you want to keep those irritating termites away from your furniture? We’ll help you make it happen.

    Our company one of the best Bird Control service provider in UAE.

    Mosquitoes Control Services in Abu Dhabi
    Mosquito Control

    We offer professional services for mosquitoes’ control.

    Al waha Pest control Services

    We Cover all Over the UAE Locations

    Though we are based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We provide pest control service to other emirates as well. We are happy to announce that almost all the remote areas of the emirate are under our coverage. Here are a few names: 

    Abu Dhabi Emirates
    Dubai Emirates

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