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Mice are troublesome!

All of us are familiar with the fact that a lot of households face the problem of pests, especially mice! According to popular reports and surveys, in current times mice are considered dangerous and destructive pests. 

Having mice in your home is a big headache for everyone in the family so it is better to get rid of these pests. Who doesn’t want their home environment to be safe and disease-free? And if you have kids at your home, you have to be extra careful, as mice tend to spread a lot of serious diseases. Not only that, they have a bad tendency to nibble on your clothes and other important things, such as certain gadgets or even food too! Because of mice, our food gets contaminated too and is unhealthy to consume.  These rodents tend to carry deadly viruses and bacteria too.

Treatment and Precaution

There are a few ways how you should deal with these disturbing elements. Firstly you can try getting a cat! A cat is effective and will get rid of all the mice in your home, but not everyone likes cats. There are other ways too, like storing your food grains in metal boxes so the mice won’t get any access to them. 

Using mice traps, natural mice repellents like essential oils, apple cider, and water may also help you out to an extent. But mice aren’t so easily taken out, as they reproduce fast no matter how many times you use poisons, new mice start to show up after they’ve created a mouse nest at your place or near it. Try blocking all entry and exit points to prevent further mice intrusion. The remaining mice can be taken care of eventually. Also, ultrasonic sounds can be effective for keeping away mice too.

mice control service in dubai

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    mice control service

    Perfect Mice Control Services in Dubai

    Even after several tries, mice don’t easily go away. But don’t worry, we have just the best solution for you to permanently get rid of all the mice at your place! Here at Al-Waha Mice pest control services, we guarantee the eradication of all these pests from your home to make your home completely pest-free, safe, and hygienic. We have a team of professionals who are experienced and experts in removing residential as well as industrial pests with perfection! Not only that, the equipment used is safe and highly effective. 

    We have been ensuring the well-being of our customers by making their homes and workspaces pest-free completely. Meeting the needs and expectations of our clients is our priority so we complete the pest control services safely and soundly guaranteeing the future safety of our customers. We use safe and non-irritating substances for the disinfection process.

    Why choose our company?

    Al Waha Hygiene is one of the best pest control company that offers affordable mice pest control services in Dubai. We believe in quality over quantity, so we choose our staff only from Integrated Pest Management for the best performance. They are trained individuals who will certainly give you the best results. We have a lot of flexible pocket-friendly plans and packages from which our clients can choose. Our responses are immediate and fast. Also, we can specially customize any solution for your problem. We are a QCC certified company. And the solutions we use are always non-toxic.

    How to connect with us?

    If you’re wondering how you can contact our mice pest control services company, you can simply find us on our official website. Also, you can Call or Whatsapp us at +971-56-695-2225. Our email address is: info@alwahahygiene.ae

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