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Best Anti-Termite Control Services Abu Dhabi

Do you want to procure termite control services? If yes, then this is the right article you have come across. Termites are small little creatures belonging to one of the species of the animal kingdom. The size of these pests does not define the amount of destruction they cause. Though small, they can cause you to lose huge amounts. They feed on the cellulose of wood and thus may damage your lavish furniture all at once. Living with them under the same roof is not a good sign. Termites are the most harmful creatures of all the pests. You may not even know that they are residing in your house due to their small size.

What Causes Termite Infestation?

Although all termites are attracted to wood, they have specific preferences. As their name suggests, dampwood termites and dry wood termites seek out damp or dry wood, respectively. Subterranean termites must have moist soil nearby and infest any wood that comes in contact with the ground.

  • Moisture: Leaky pipes, poor drainage, and poor air circulation all create moisture problems that attract termites.
  • Wood in contact with the foundation of the house.
  • Cracks outside the building.
Anti Termite Control Services Abu Dhabi
Termite Control Services in Abu Dhabi

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Once the termites inhabit your house, getting rid of them is a daunting task. They see your house as a warehouse full of delicious stuff. Be it the bookshelves, the wood chips, or the lavish furniture they can eat up everything which has cellulose in it. They also feign harm to your health. The most professional way of getting rid of them is to procure the services of a termite control company Abu Dhabi. If you try to treat them on your own by DIY methods, then it is not effective. The DIY methods may also cause harm to your health because of the presence of harmful chemicals. Thus, getting rid of termites is necessary because they may otherwise cause harm to your health and may finish off your furniture.

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Termite Control Abu Dhabi

Post-Construction Termite Control

Post-construction termite control is work performed in an existing building, which can be done as termite protection or when termite activity is detected on the premises. This is done by creating a termite barrier around the premises, a termite barrier works very well as it creates a chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of the house or public building submit. Because all entry points are protected.

Depending on the structure of the premises, the exact requirements for each fence may vary.

  • Drill and inject
  • Trench and flood
Post Construction Anti termite Abu Dhabi
Pre Construction Anti termite Abu Dhabi
Pre Construction Termite Control

Pre-Construction Termite Control

Termite treatment before construction can help protect you against possible future claims. The construction specification of many projects requires termite protection in their finishes, and many others require a termite-free environment.

Pre-construction termite treatment involves a number of procedures that must be followed to ensure a termite-free construction site. Treating the ground before laying any flooring with an insecticide is the most common method of dealing with termites. This will form a chemical termite barrier between the slab and the masonry, preventing insects from getting close to the building.

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Termite Control

Subterranean Termites

These usually live underground, close to the foundations of your residence or commercial establishment. They require some level of moisture and any improper drainage from an air-conditioner or sprinkler creates a conducive environment for them to thrive. They typically feed on wood. This is why wooden structures close to the ground are at the greatest risk of attracting termites.

Termite Control

Dry Wood Termites

These on the other hand nest directly within the wood and do not require moisture, unlike most termite species. Since they nest with their food, the most obvious sign of a dry wood termite infestation is the accumulation of their feces around an infested structure.

Termite control

Dampwoood Termites

These are larger than most of their species and prefer a diet of damp wood. They thrive in moist, decaying environments and dehydration causes their numbers to decline. Because of their need for excessive moisture, this variant does not usually attack dry wooden structures because of the low moisture content in them. However, since they attack dry wood that is adjacent to or near damp, decaying wood, care must be taken to avoid attracting damp wood termites to a structure.

Some of The Signs of Infestation are – 

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