Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Al Waha Hygiene is an ISO-certified, Tadweer and Dubai Municipality-approved kitchen hood Cleaning Company that provides you a professional kitchen hood cleaning services in Adu Dhabi & Dubai

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

We promise to give the best services to evacuate all dust and grease out of your kitchen in homes and very effectively for restaurants as well. We provide regular maintenance and kitchen exhaust systems maintenance for both commercial kitchens and restaurants. We ensure that our service is customer-centric and as per your time as most of the commercial kitchens and restaurants operate 24 * 7.

The kitchen duct extraction system is used to remove all greasy air from the kitchen. This ensures that the indoor quality of the air within the kitchen is healthy for even the employees who spend so many hours there. All grease from fats and oils used for cooking gets accumulated along with other possible fuels like charcoal and wood. It’s essential to remove it from the kitchen for which the extract system has to be used. The extraction system throws the hot air, which begins to cool and gets attached itself to the duct, further forming a jelly-like substance on every side of the duct. This jellied greasy substance becomes the biggest safety and fire risk in the kitchens of any place either a hotel or a building.

At Al Waha Hygiene, we take the job of improving the indoor air quality of your buildings and also look forward to minimizing the risk of fire catching in the restaurant kitchen. We make sure that during grease removal processes when implemented, your complete system becomes clean properly, safe, and is ready to use. We completely work by as we know that all commercial kitchens work all 24 hours. Therefore, we make sure that we customize our service as per your schedule. Explore Our Cleaning Services now for more details.

Greasy Kitchen Ducts Can be a Fire Hazard.

Left unclean kitchens, results in an accumulation of grease inside the ducts, fans, hoods, and vents of most of the exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Kitchen Hood cleaning is the method of removing the grease which has accumulated over a long period due to the non-maintenance of the kitchen. kitchen exhaust systems with time, eventually accumulate unwanted grease which can become reasons for extreme fire hazards. This grease buildup unnecessarily within the extraction system of a kitchen affects the performance of the system and limits the amount of air that can be extracted. This air, which is filled with grease, then circulates within not only the kitchen but also all inside the home making an unsafe environment, poorly ventilated kitchen, and overall poor indoor air quality.

The regular cleaning and maintenance process of kitchen extraction systems is essential keeping in mind both hygiene and fire safety of home or restaurant. Due to continued use of the kitchen and non-cleaning over a long time, dirt, grease, and other flammable substances can be found within the duct work which can cause major health and fire hazards even.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

We provide kitchen exhaust cleaning services for Hotels and Restaurants, Hospitals and Factories, and all Residential and Commercial units in Dubai, Abu Dhabi as per your needs. We use the standard cleaning methods, environment-friendly chemicals only, and the latest technology to remove the hard residual stains and carbon deposits. Our team of experts works for your satisfaction cleaning the ceilings, extractor hoods, and filters keeping in mind the safety and health of staff and customers both.

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