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Moths Pest Control Services in Dubai

Al-Waha Hygiene is known for the best pest control services including Moths Pest Control Services in Dubai. If your house is infested with these moths or their larvae, book an appointment with us today. 

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What is Moths?

The most difficult to destroy pests are beg bugs. These reddish and fat worms usually hide in cracks, beds, and bed frames. Apple seed-sized these brownish parasites bite human skin & feed on their blood.

Some species of moths, especially the caterpillars, can be important for agriculture such as corn bores, and bollworms. But some species can cause severe harm caterpillar dermatitis or lepidopterism. Allergic reactions can be caused if the skin comes under the touch of the spines of moth larva.  Bite from vampire moths can be the reason for itching & pain. If consumed, some moths can be proved to be poisonous. Moths Pest Control Services is the best option to remove them from your house.

Treatment & Precaution:

If you are getting irritated with these insects and want to get rid of them then there are a few steps you may follow.

  • Use Cedarwood oil for effective results, it is effective as moth-repellent.
  • Clean the surfaces with vinegar where moths’ larvae are found.
  • Use vacuum cleaner- Keep your home and surroundings clean with it.
  • If any clothes come into contact with moths or their larvae, freeze them for 24 hours to kill them.
  • A sticky trap can be used to stick them and eventually they will die.

If you have been bitten by a moth or came in contact with its larvae of it, treatment might be required to resolve the matter.

  • Find out the infected area, wash it with soap and lukewarm water mixture
  • Try removing the embedded hairs by putting a tape and pulling it off.
  • Applying rubbing alcohol to the sting may bring some relief.
  • To get temporary relief baking soda slurry can be applied.

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    Moths Pest Control Services in Dubai

    Services you can get from Al-Waha Hygiene

    Among all the Moths Pest Control Services Company in Dubai & UAE Al-Waha Hygiene is the best cleaning company with an ISO certificate. In time we have adopted new technologies. Especially during the period of COVID-19, we have given our best to make the environment around you a safe one. Once you get in touch with us our experts will provide you a return call to arrange an appointment at your convenient time. We provide service as per your timing schedule. Before starting the work, our technicians will explain to you the detailed process of treatment. Our expert service providers will point out the infested areas to remove the pests completely. Even after the treatment is done, if required, we can provide you with follow up visits

    Why Choose Al-Waha Hygiene?

    Al-Waha Hygiene is known for the best pest control services including Moths Pest Control Services in Dubai. We provide first-class services for cleaning. All our staffs are skilled, well experienced and certified. They have the licensed tools required to proceed with the complete work. 

    Our mission is to deliver market-proven & customized results for your valuable money. 

    We guarantee spotless and pest-free space for your location. Punctuality, responsive team, skilled staff, verified service, excellent equipment, and customized solutions are what have made us the most wanted company for pest control services. Our service will bring you utmost satisfaction in terms of cleaning. The cleaning products we use are completely safe for humans and pets.

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    If your house is infested with these moths or their larvae, book an appointment with us today. Our experts will get back to you very soon for detailed information about the infestation. You might receive a checkup visit before providing the final service according to the necessity. To get a free quote contact our experts today and book an appointment. 

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