Facade Cleaning Services Dubai

Al Waha Hygiene is a certified and approved external Facade Cleaning Company providing the best Facade Cleaning Services in  Dubai, and across the UAE at an affordable cost. We have highly experienced and well-trained personnel who prioritize customer satisfaction in completing their work. Just like our exceptional pest control and sanitization service, facade cleaning is also one of our specialties. Our main expertise lies in glass cleaning, rope access, and exterior glass cleaning services, among others. If you are in search of a professional Facade Cleaning Service Provider near you, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Facade Cleaning Dubai

Facade cleaning services deal with the cleanliness and maintenance of the exterior walls of buildings, as well as other architectural elements, such as windows, to make the visage of the building more appealing, and to also remove all kinds of dirt, grime and stains while preserving the integrity of the structure.

High-rise facade cleaning Dubai came very quickly with the involvement of skilled rope access cleaning services experts who were good at using fast ropes to get to high-rise buildings safely.

Facade Cleaning Company in Dubai

Al Waha Hygiene is a prominent player in the rope access facade cleaning company in Dubai which brings in the quality, price, and courtesy to the customer-centric business.

With an experience that spans years, our team that offers just rope access services is committed to offering you a range of facade cleaning precisely tailored to your needs. From traditional window glass cleaning to modern facade restoration and maintenance, we have you covered.

Our dedication reaches out to all rope access cleaning projects, regardless of whether they are mega industrial facilities gigantic commercial buildings, or mid-sized buildings. Safety, efficiency, and quality are our guiding values, which make every project of ours the standard of excellence. Although cleanliness is the main goal, we will also ensure the endurance of your building while putting your customer satisfaction in the first place at each step of the cleaning process.

Facade Cleaning Dubai

Our Facade Cleaning Services | Rope Access Cleaning | External Window Glass Cleaning

  • Cleaning Glass and Facades: We do the cleaning of windows and your building premises to perfection. We do the greatest work at every level and use only environmentally friendly products.
  • Facade restoration: We go to all possible limits to render your building look perfect from the outside. We refit the suit so that it can appear more attractive and improved.
  • High-rise window glass cleaning: We do our work using special techniques when it comes to cleaning windows in skyscrapers. Not only do we pay attention to detail on all edges of the window but also we make sure the front of the building looks very beautiful and clean.
  • Pressure Washing: We excel in polishing away the difficultly abrasive stains with our high-powered pressure washer machines.
  • Facade sealant rectification: We bring back and fix up the sealants all around your house to prevent bad weather intrusion and make your home more habitable and stronger too.
  • Removing Cement: We effectively removed building supplies and dirt from the construction site and left a clean spot for you to admire a job well done.
  • How We Clean Facades: Cleaners employ two good techniques to clean your outside area.

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Al Waha Hygiene – Certified Facade Cleaning Services Company in Dubai

  • Putting Customers First: Your happiness is the most important thing for us. We strive to ensure you are not disappointed with our cleaning services in Dubai and you are always happy.
  • Skilled Team: Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have been certified by ISO and have many years of hands-on experience in cleaning building exteriors. They strive after excellence, making sure that whatever they produce exceeds the expectations at all times.
  • Preventing Damage: Facade cleaning services will become necessary as it helps to identify early indicators of harm that result from the collection of dirt and grime. Every time you keep your building clean, it helps you avoid the need for costly repairs in the future.
  • Advanced Techniques: Our technicians employ the most advanced cleaning techniques to ensure that the job is finished in a shorter time and satisfactorily.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our cleaning processes are eco-friendly so we can offer the cleanest facade without the risk of hurting the environment.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We ensure that every occupation complies with the utmost requirements. You are assured that the cleaning services Dubai we provide are of high quality and are felt for a long time.

Reasons to Choose Al Waha Hygiene Are:

Al Waha Hygiene’s facade cleaning expert relies on the application of high-pressure washing and pure water which efficiently eliminates all grime and dirt without any use of detergents. Apply soaking methods & mist sprays to soften eroding factors such as dirt and difficult soot in hidden and protected locations can be also the focus. That is removing mould, oil, and grease without chemicals, they are even better than the pressure washing traditionally used.

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