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Periodic disinfection of areas you live and work in, are necessary to prevent the spread of pathogens that cause diseases and infections. Ensure the safety of your home and work environment by hiring us to disinfect and sanitize your apartments, villas, offices, buildings, restaurants, schools, colleges, hotels and clinics.

Update – We now offer COVID-19 Disinfection Services where we will treat the space with a Biocidal Disinfectant that has been tested for use against Corona Virus and has been approved by the UAE Municipality

We Offer – 

  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions
  • Deep cleaning as a part of our disinfection services
  • EPA Grade disinfectants
  • Odorless solutions
  • Spraying of all surfaces with an Alcohol based sanitizing spray

Our solutions are:





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The Process in a nutshell

Our Disinfection Service involves the application of a biocidal disinfectant solution in the form of a spray of mist to all the surfaces at your premises both easily accessible and hard-to-reach areas.

This product like the other products we use, is clear, odorless, non-leaching, environmentally safe and non-corrosive. It is completely safe for humans and animals but can kill most bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.

The non-oxidative nature of the disinfectant makes it compatible with most surfaces including upholstery, wood, metal, glass, plastics and fabrics both natural and synthetic. This formulation has found its use in aircrafts, hospitals and official offices in UAE.

The process offers long-lasting protection due to its Nano Tech formulation that leaves a thin layer of coating after application to bridge the gap in between applications, reducing the possibility of re-contamination. The formula has proven effective against a host of viruses including H1N1, H7N9, Ebola, HIV, SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 and other pathogens.

The disinfected area and surfaces will be ready to use in about 3-4 hours.

Modern disinfection & sanitization services in Abu Dhabi

Periodic disinfection of home and office premises is necessary to prevent the spread of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, pests, and fungus. And now, the safety of your domestic and work environment is more at stake due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wave your worries goodbye by hiring Al Waha Hygiene’s specialists to disinfect and sanitize apartments, offices, schools, hotels, clinics, and other public areas.

Amid Coronavirus widespread, we offer special disinfection services where we will treat the space with a biocidal cleaner that has been tested to combat Covid-19 and has been approved by the UAE Municipality.

Which disinfectants we use in our sterilization services in Abu Dhabi?

We ensure all the materials used during the sanitization proceedings are non-toxic and safe for the environment that is EPA Grade. The compounds we utilize are odorless and non-irritant to humans and animals.

Our experts spray an Alcohol-based sanitizing solution that is unforgiving to all microbes. The disinfecting mist leaves all nooks and corners purified.

Our procedure in essence

Our sanitization company in Abu Dhabi uses the application of a decontamination solution in the form of mist. It reaches to both accessible and non-reachable surfaces at your premises.

The product we use is clear, non-leaching, environmentally safe, and non-corrosive. The non-oxidative nature of the disinfectant makes it compatible with most exteriors including upholstery, wood, metal, glass, plastics, and fabrics both natural and synthetic. This formulation has found its benefits in aircraft, hospitals, and commercial establishments.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Job Done?

Once you have reached us, it only takes about 3-4 hours to disinfect the area. Do not forget about the NanoTech formulation which provides durable protection by leaving a thin coating layer after applying. It minimizes the regrowth rate as much as possible.

Our product is effective against viruses such as H1N1, H7N9, MERS, Ebola, HIV, SARS, and COVID-19, and other deadly pathogens. So, book us now by calling or sending a WhatsApp query at +971 56 6952225 and put your germaphobia to rest!