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Mosquito Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Mosquitos are well-known pests at our homes and working places creating a lot of annoying buzz besides carrying diseases. You can find mosquitos widely across Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. However, they should not bother your happy living and loved family members. They are one of the major disease carriers and cause severe health hazards like Dengue and Malaria. According to the report of the World Health Organisation, Malaria kills about a million people each year. 

Water stagnation, untidy surroundings, and cluttered ambiances are the major sources for Mosquito infestation. Would you like to control mosquitoes at your home and protect your family members? Then, here are the best solutions for you. Al Waha Hygienes is the leading Mosquito Control Services company in Abu Dhabi with more than a decade of experience. We offer a broad range of pest control and mosquito control solutions to ensure your home is the best place to live and hygienic. 


Diseases By Mosquitoes:

As said above, mosquitoes carry diseases like

  1. Malaria
  2. Dengue virus
  3. Zika virus
  4. yellow fever
  5. encephalitis

These diseases are fatal and deadly. Moreover, they carry diseases faster than any other pests. So, it is always better to clean your surroundings and stay safe. If you are struggling to manage, get in touch with an experienced mosquito control services provider like Al Waha Hygiene. Our mosquito control services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai include Fogging Treatment and Spray treatment to ensure your home is safe and free from 99% of mosquitos. 

How to Control Mosquito Pests at Your Home?

Here are some best ways to prevent mosquito-borne diseases at your home. 

  1. Use bed nights and liquidators to control mosquitoes at your home. 
  2. Use mosquito traps 
  3. Freestanding and stagnant water cleaning.
  4. Apply mosquito repellent regularly and wear full sleeve clothes while sleeping.

Hire a Mosquito Pest Control Services Provider:

Though the above steps seem simple, they are not sufficient to control mosquitoes and their infestation. So, contact the best mosquito pest control services company in Abu Dhabi for a better solution. Al Waha Hygiene promises high-quality work done at fair, competitive, and reasonable rates. The team uses only those materials that are fully approved by the Dubai Municipality

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