What are water tank cleaning services and  why is the cleaning of domestic water tanks essential?


Before knowing what are water tank cleaning services it’s essential to understand that -Why Water tank cleaning is important in homes from a health point of view? The reason is water stored in these domestic  water tanks is used to take baths, to cook food, to brush your teeth and all household work. Domestic water tanks must be inspected regularly and cleaned on a periodical basis in a proper way to avoid all water borne diseases. Not cleaning of the water tanks may lead to contamination of the water and 70% of the diseases that happen to humans tend to be water borne diseases.

What are water tank cleaning services?

Water tank cleaning is the technique to remove the sludge and Ally from both the walls and the surface of the domestic water tank. The idea is to clean the domestic water tanks and make them 100% bacteria free  so that the  healthy water can be used for drinking and domestic purposes. The procedures which are used in the water tank cleaning services includes Mechanized Dewatering, Cleaning with High-Pressure Washer, Sludge Removal, Scrubbing, UV Light Treatment, Anti Bacterial Sprays and the use of Vacuum Cleaner.

  Why is the cleaning of domestic water tanks essential?

 The following are the reasons  the for getting the cleaning of domestic water tanks as soon as possible:

  • Water filtration process fails, if the tank is not clean: Most of us believe on the misconception that if we use the water filter we do not have any risk of water borne diseases. It’s a big myth on misconception as the best of the filters will fail, in case the  water stored in your water tank is contaminated.
  • Reduces maintenance costs:
    When you get the periodic maintenance done for your water tank, you are actually preventing the water borne diseases. Water tank cleaning services thus prove to be more cost effective and avoids the last minute repair also. Ensuring that the water tank is clean automatically reduces its maintenance costs keeping the water clean and its functioning checked at optimum level.
  • Unclean water tanks enable the growth of bacteria:
    nclean tanks become the breeding ground for the various bacterias due to the mould, silt and dirt deposits accumulated in the tank.  This water which is contaminated with bacteria is not fit for being consumed or for daily use.
  • Contaminated water welcomes water-borne diseases:
    Water borne diseases which are highly poisonous like  cholera,  malaria, Diarrhoea aur typhoid are all the result of contaminated water. All these water borne diseases may be welcomed unknowingly in your family if you fail to get your domestic water tank clean on time.
  • Rusting takes place in water tanks over time:
    A brownish tinge only known as rust  which gets accumulated in your water tank or around the tabs can be very problematic in the water tanks which are unclean. This may also invite the various pathogenic microorganisms in the water tanks.