Common Building Facade Cleaning Services Methods with Al Waha Hygiene

Sky scrapes and other modern building designs are very typical features of the architectural landscape in Abu Dhabi. Despite that, persistent exposure to dust, sandstorms, and surrounding contamination may cause damage to architectural appearances and construction stability. It is important to point out that for these facilities to keep their clean look, facade cleaning services have to be hired by professionals. Al waha Hygiene is known as one of the best companies that provide cleaning and hygiene solutions in Abu Dhabi. The company uses modern technologies to keep buildings’ exteriors clean and extend their durability.

High-Pressure Washing

  • Description: Power-washing as a means of cleaning up stuck marks or dirt on the walls of a building is highly efficient.
  • How it Works: Pressurised water is also sprayed on the facade in a high-speed manner so that it can remove any dust collected there.
  • Benefits: Suitable for heavily discoloured surfaces, flexible use on different facade components, and suitable for extensive cleaning tasks.

Chemical Cleaning

  • Description: Specialised cleaning agents may be used for chemical cleaning of dirt from the facade.
  • How it Works: Spraying a cleaning services solution onto the surface allows it to seep into the dirt, algae, and other sorts of contaminants so that they can be removed.
  • Benefits: Customized approaches can be designed for different cladding materials while eco-friendly choices are on offer.

Abrasive Cleaning

  • Description: Cleaning using abrasives like sandblasts is used to clean dirt, soot and pollutants from the facade.
  • How it Works: Sandblasting entails shooting abrasive particles, like sand and grit, on the surface whereby the layers of dirt are scrubbed off mechanically.
  • Benefits: It is efficient to graffiti, and suits hard stains while keeping the beneath surface intact.

Steam Cleaning

  • Description: High-temperature steam is used in this method to break down, dislodge and remove dirt and pollutants from the elevation.
  • How it Works: Dirt is removed by pressurized steam that softens it first before washing off.
  • Benefits: Eco-friendly, not many chemicals used and ideal for soft surfaces.

Soft Washing

  • Description: Soft washing is a technique of cleaning that makes use of low-pressure and biodegradable cleaning chemicals.
  • How it Works: However, the cleaning solution is done under low pressure so that it breaks up and removes the dirt without destroying the facade.
  • Benefits: It is suitable for sensitive surfaces, it does not destroy paints or linen, and it is also ecologically friendly.

Rope Access Cleaning

  • Description: Rope access cleaning employs specially qualified personnel who climb up using ropes and belts to clean high-rise building exteriors.
  • How it Works: The technicians come down using a rope from the roof and enable effective cleaning in all areas that are hard to reach.
  • Benefits: Ideal for tall buildings, cheaper than scaffolding, and selective.

Nano-Coating Protection

  • Description: Nano-coating refers to the protective coating on the building facade that resists dirt, water, and impurities.
  • How it Works: The nano-coating creates a transparent layer in which the dirt cannot stick to the surfaces.
  • Benefits: Provides long-lasting protection to help in easy cleaning of the facade and makes the facade resistant to all forms of natural environmental elements.


Cleaning a building’s exterior and maintaining the purity or integrity of its façade is a crucial matter in the architecture of Abu Dhabi where luxury blends with adverse conditions. Al Waha Hygiene is a provider of a wide array of facade cleaning services including modern methods to keep up all the majesty in cities’ edifices. Professionalism and innovativeness – Al Waha Hygiene plays these roles in retaining Abu Dhabi’s urban landscape of either soaring skyscrapers or elaborate architectural marvels.