How to keep your home and office space safe from termites

Looking for a termite control services in the Dubai, UAE? You must be fed up with small piles of wood dust living in your home.

Aren’t you?

Yes, a termite infestation can really be frustrating as once they invade your home/office, it starts feeding the entire space. The biggest reason why termites are tough to deal with is because of their minuscule size. However, if it remains unnoticed it can be really difficult to get rid of them.

So here are some tips about how to keep your home and office space safe from termites.

●     Place infected items in the sun

A great termite protection strategy is to keep damaged furniture out in the sun for at least three days since termites cannot stand the heat. Besides, you can also dust off the furniture thoroughly.

Also, make sure to use a termite sprag before bringing the furniture back into the house. By keeping the infected furniture in the sun, the heat will kill the termites and remove the moisture from the furniture.

●     Fill the cracks and holes

Once you notice where the termite is coming from, make sure to fill those holes and cracks. This is because termites often enter through cracks and nest deep within your home. The worst thing is that these small sizes silently do their work.

You can also seal the surrounding area by using termiticide. Also, pay attention to any leaks or decay in your house. Even though these spots get overlooked, you must know that these are the first ones to attract termites. Therefore, fix and seal the leakages promptly.

●     Get rid of moisture

One of the main reasons for attracting termites into your home is moisture. So to keep termites at bay the only way is to get rid of excess moisture. This is because termites basically look for areas that are humid or have steady sources of water.

So make sure you’ve no plumbing leaks, ensure that home and office spaces are not humid, and also check the ventilation in areas like the attic and crawlspace.

Moreover, termites fly when searching for a new nest, so make sure you don’t have unprotected roofs.

●     Call in a professional to remove the termites

If doing things by yourself doesn’t seem appealing, your best solution is to hire termite control services to remove the termites. Calling a professional may cost a little more, but it can eventually save you money on repairing damages.

One such company is Al Waha Hygiene as they know how to find the termites no matter where they are in your house. Besides, they offer affordable best termite control services options along with a warranty.

Take early precautions and get rid of termites

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. So by carefully following these tips, you don’t need to worry about termites destroying your furniture and home spaces. However, what makes all this worse is when the situation remains unnoticed, so above all keep an eye and do regular checking even after your home has become termite-free.