Is Removing the Beehive Yourself a Good Idea?

Bees are crucial to maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. Without them, the majority of our agricultural system would fail. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it if a beehive appears next to your house. Do you also have a beehive near or on your property? The best solution is beehive removal in the UAE.

If you’re thinking why opt for a professional if you can remove it on your own, then remember it is a bad idea. This is because removing them can be risky. So before opting for any beehive removal in Dubai municipality, here are more reasons why you shouldn’t remove beehives by yourself.

Beehive Removal

  • Bees are Defensive

The first thing to know is that honeybees are extremely defensive creatures. This means how you act may have a significant impact on how they respond. They will swarm into action and attempt to assault any harm they perceive to the queen or hive. Bee attacks are typically carried out to protect the colony.

So avoid approaching any hives that are close to your house, especially if bees are busily flying in and out of them. The hive’s inhabitants will start flooding out to confront the nearby danger. Instead, opt for the best beehive removal services in Dubai

  • Bees Attack in Groups

While each person’s response to bee venom may vary, it is unquestionably preferable to avoid being stung by a swarm of bees. Bee swarms, which often comprise hundreds or thousands of bees, frequently attack in large groups. If you’re quick, you can outrun honey bees because they fly after their target at a pace of roughly 15 miles per hour. This is surely another reason why beehive removal services in Abu Dhabi are important.

  • Bee Stings are Dangerous

When you’re dealing with thousands of bees, one bee sting can just seem like a little inconvenience, but it can be highly dangerous and even fatal. Bee stings hurt and might be deadly. For those who are allergic to bee stings, this may be even worse because it will worsen their immune reaction.

Many people don’t even know they are allergic until they are stung for the first time, and some of these reactions can be fatal. So remember never to take the risk of removing a beehive by yourself. A wise decision would be to opt for beehive removal in Dubai municipality.

Beehive Removal

Things to Consider when Removing Bees from your Property 

When removing or getting bees removed by professionals from your property, here are some things to consider:

  • Give Bees Space

Always remember not to provoke stinging insects when interacting with or removing them. This is because most bee species only sting when they recognize a threat to their hive or queen. So always remember to maintain your distance when the bees are being removed.

  • Keep Pets and People Away

Another thing to consider is to keep your dogs, kids, and anyone who is allergic to bee stings inside and away from the bees if the hive or swarm is outside.

  • Remove Traces and Repair Damages

Once the bees are removed, keep in mind to tidy up after them. Honey and other residues are often left behind by bees in areas such as walls or cavities. This as a result may draw animals and some insects. Get rid of any remaining honeycomb, fix any wall damage, and cover any openings the bees used to enter your property to avoid a future issue.

Beehive Removal

Don’t Remove the Hive Yourself!

At Al Waha Hygiene, we offer certified beehive removal Services. We are equipped with skilled and experienced professionals who can handle any situation. We aim for nothing but your safety. Our services are done after a thorough investigation. Also, we offer a free inspection service. Besides, our team of beehive removal Dubai Municipality holds in-depth Knowledge about bees and the dangers they bring.