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Pipeline Cleaning is a must for every new or old pipeline in any commercial or residential building as pipelines also get infected just like water tanks. Contamination can easily get into the pipes in the form of soil, mud, or deep excavation of pipelines. These can be carried even with the shoes of the workers or with air. It’s important to get the cleaning of the pipeline done and disinfect it to kill the germs. Pipeline cleaning services by Al Waha Hygiene provide pipeline cleaning services of the best in UAE.

Many times, pipes leak because of regular use of the kitchen sink, washbasin as well as a bathtub. The risk of contamination of water can be increased due to leakage, germs, and dirt that enter the pipelines. Consequently, the breeding of organisms starts and they attach themselves to the walls of the pipeline. The organisms from layer upon layer form a coating of germs in the interior of the pipeline. Al Waha Hygiene is the most reliable and customer-centric cleaning services company in Dubai. We provide a biannual cleaning service for pipeline cleaning as per the DM guidelines. We have a qualified team that can completely disinfect the pipelines and gives them longer life to the pipelines.

It is essential to kill germs that might exist in the pipeline which is used to supply clean water. Every source of water must be continuously treated and disinfected to ensure safe water is supplied within any building. We are professionals in pipeline cleaning & disinfection as we do a thorough evaluation and well-informed planning of chemical treatment programs if needed to process the pipeline cleaning & disinfection.

This process includes firstly the isolation of potable water supply and water distribution systems, further carried on with cleaning and disinfection of the complete water supply system. The process is done by trained workers who have lots of experience in using the cleaning equipment and chemicals needed for disinfection authorized and approved by Dubai Municipality Corporation. In the water supply system, the chemical compound is left for a minimum of 2 -4 hours, and then it is flushed out finally enabling the rendering of the system which is free of scaling or bio-contamination.

Why Choose Us

WELL TRAINED STAFF- All staff who is hired is very well trained, certified, and experienced to carry out the complete process of pipeline cleaning and disinfection work.

Before our team executes the process, a standard protocol of safety check & briefing to the customer is followed.

The team at Al Waha Hygiene has more than 10+ years of expertise in cleaning services of all kinds in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

We keep a close check on our delivery of services and give the best experience to our customers pre and post-project.

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