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What is Post Construction Cleaning?

As the word implies, it refers to the detailed cleaning done after the construction part. The cleaning service which is done to renovated or new buildings is known as Post Construction Cleaning. It is different from commercial daily cleaning. From removing any remaining construction debris, tackling stains, any kind of spots, wiping down windows, removing stickers from glass doors, sweeping, vacuuming floors to washing down walls, all are involved in the post-construction cleaning. Also if this dirt and dust are not treated well, then they can be hazardous to health.

Why do I need professional post-construction cleaning services?

Post-construction cleaning is different from everyday standard commercial cleaning. Because it involves different equipment and methods, it is important to hire professionals. At Al Waha Hygiene, our team of experts and technicians are aware of the techniques and methods used. From removing debris, and harmful substances to construction dust, you can expect all types of dirt to be cleared and cleaned by professionals. Also, our experts make sure everyone around is safe throughout the cleaning process by using eco-friendly products.

Our highly skilled and qualified team members know exactly what to look for and know the best possible way of applying solutions. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our members come with PPE to avoid injury and maintain a healthy environment.  

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Why Choose Al Waha Hygiene?

With so many cleaning services available, you must be wondering what makes us different from others. Isn’t it? From the service we provide to the safety measures we adopt, we offer the best value for spending your money on us. Besides, we provide solutions most organically and safely. Also, our team members of experts focus on taking care of your property along with the cleaning services. The best thing about us is that you can rely on us 24/7. All these together make us a top brand of post-construction cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. With years of experience, we are a well-known firm registered in Dubai and reliable in providing cleaning services. We at Al Waha Hygiene aim to provide the most effective and efficient way of cleaning solutions. Also, our technicians are trained in the best methods and equipment to use to clean every surface.


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Are you getting disturbed by seeing the dirt and condition of your property? Do you want to keep your home looking fresh and clean? Allow us to serve you and deliver faster, effective, and completely dedicated cleaning results. Contact us at Al Waha Hygiene and we are just a call away from entering your house and providing cleaning solutions. So instead of putting yourself at risk, go through our official website page and do not hesitate to consult our professionals. Besides, you can also contact us about our cleaning services through :

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