Protect Home & Office From New Omicron Variant of Covid 19

The new omicron variant of covid 19 is highly transmissible and hence it has put the entire world under great worry again. In such a situation how do we protect our homes and offices from the clasps of the deadly services?

There is often valid tension as to whether it is important to get disinfection services done once a week is good enough. However, we do feel that not only professional disinfection, it is also equally important that you take care of your personal hygiene. Omicron to date has spread to 77 countries and affected people irrespective of their age.

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How Can I Take Care Of My House And My Office?

Both our houses as well as our offices are the places where we tend to spend most of our time. We can afford not to visit parties or shopping malls to restrict the spread, however, one has to visit the office as well as home.

In such a scenario what is the most viable thing to do that will take care of the spread and ensure that your safe abodes are not affected by the virus? This is precisely what we are going to talk about.

●    Disinfection

This is probably the most potent requirement that you have to take care of when it comes to containing the spread of the omicron Variant. Get hold of disinfection services that are good enough and can help you to get rid of the virus which might be prevalent between the closed doors.

There are numerous potent sanitization services that provide sanitization tunnels that one has to go through before entering your office or house.

Specifically for offices, this is a must because people from various locations travel to one place and spend a considerable frame of time together. Hence try to get your home or office disinfected at least twice a day.

●    Focus on Ventilation

Once you have affixed an efficient sanitization service it is important that you check on the ventilation system as well. Always try to ensure that there is enough fresh air and the environment is not closed in nature.

Good ventilation ensures that the virus is not transmitted very easily. This is true in both offices as well as houses. In the case of your house, try to keep the windows open and if your offices are centrally air-conditioned, choose to switch on the fan from time to time.

●    Limit the Number of People Visiting

This is a very important factor to ensure. Try to limit the number of people who are visiting your office to a bare minimum. It is always better to hold online meetings unless it is absolutely necessary to have a physical presence.

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●    Get Yourself as Well as Others Vaccinated

Another very potent way to contain the spread of the Omicron virus is by getting yourself vaccinated. Not only yourself it is very important that you motivate others and ensure that they also come forward and take up the dose.

In case you are in a position where you can organize vaccination drives for your office employees, take up the initiative. Always remember that it is only vaccination that can work as a safety belt and help us from catching or transmitting the virus to someone else.

Not only at the office, but at home also take up the initiative and ensure that each and every eligible member is thoroughly vaccinated.

●    Physical Distancing

Last but not the least, this point has been one of the most potent guidance information that has surfaced since the inception of the covid 19 pandemic. You have to maintain a safe distance of at least one meter from everyone.

This is true for your office, public spaces, and if possible at home as well. Maintenance of physical distancing not only protects you, but it is also important for anyone who could catch the virus from you.

As important as it is to get hold of a good disinfection service, it is equally important that you focus on isolating those members who show the symptoms. Get them tested at the earliest and in case they do test positive, take care of them for a speedy recovery- but at a distance!