Reasons Why Split Air Conditioners Leak Water

AC RepairSplit air conditioners, favoured by residential and commercial users for efficient cooling and discreet operation, consist of indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit cools the air, while the outdoor unit houses the compressor. However, issues, such as water leakage, can arise over time. Water leakage, a recurring problem, stems from condensation on the indoor unit’s evaporator coil.

This coil transforms room heat into cool air, resulting in moisture accumulation and droplet formation. These droplets are directed into a drain pan connected to a pipe. Yet, blockages or pan damage can lead to water escaping, jeopardizing walls and furniture.

This article explores the causes of split AC water leakage and provides prevention tips, DIY troubleshooting, and guidance for seeking professional AC Repair in Abu Dhabi. Solutions for split AC water leakage are detailed in the following sections.

Reason of Water Leakage in Split Air Conditioners

Noticing water dripping or leaking from your split AC unit can be worrisome. This situation can stem from multiple factors, and it’s crucial to take action promptly to prevent additional harm to your AC system.

AC Repair

Here, we are going to explore the common causes of water leakage in split AC along with their associated signs and symptoms:

  • Blocked air filter: A dirty or clogged air filter can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up, resulting in water overflow. This can reduce cooling efficiency and airflow.
  • Bad condensate pump: If the condensate pump fails to drain excess water from the AC unit, water may accumulate and leak out, regularly accompanied by a rumbling sound.
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils: Over time, dust can build up on the evaporator coils and subsequently cause water to overflow, reducing cooling performance.
  • Insufficient refrigerant charge: A low refrigerant level can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, causing water leaks and a drop in cooling efficiency.
  • Improper installation: Improper AC installation in Abu Dhabi can hinder proper drainage, resulting in water leaks or rancid odours.
  • Damaged or clogged drain pipe: A broken or blocked drain pipe can cause water to pool and leak. Visible streams of water may be located.
  • Iced-up Evaporator Coil: If the evaporator coil freezes, it can result in water leakage and reduced cooling effectiveness.

Ignoring a break-up AC water leak can result in damage to the unit, operational problems, and health issues related to mildew. Energy consumption rises, increasing costs. Quick action is vital to prevent further AC damage.

Important Benefits of AC Repair and Maintenance

AC Repair in Abu Dhabi

Here are some benefits you can directly enjoy from AC Repair and Maintenance:

  • Enhance Cooling Effectiveness

Regular AC maintenance ensures efficient operation by cleaning, replacing dirty parts, and addressing common issues like clogged filters, coils, and low refrigerant. Enhances performance, and lowers energy usage.

  • Prolonging Longevity

Air conditioners require significant investment. Prioritizing maintenance prevents costly repairs, extends lifespan, and enhances value. Routine upkeep identifies and solves issues early, avoiding replacements.

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioners cool and improve indoor air quality by removing particles. Maintenance ensures efficient filters, enhancing air quality and reducing health risks.

Prevents Water Leakage and Other Such Issues

Water Leakage is a common issue in split ACs, causing harm to floors, walls, and belongings. Regular AC maintenance services prevent such problems by addressing concerns like:

Maintains Clear Drainage System

The drainage mechanism is crucial in AC systems, expelling indoor unit’s condensed water. Blockages from debris may lead to unwanted leaks. Regular maintenance ensures unobstructed drainage.

Timely Examination of Cooling Coils

Cooling coils extract indoor heat but gather dirt, reducing AC efficiency. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and examination, ensures optimal performance, and energy efficiency, and prevents issues like water seepage.

Why Prefer Professional AC Repair and Maintenance Services?

While AC maintenance might come across as a straightforward job, opting for professionals to handle it can offer several advantages. These include:

AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi

Mastery and Background

Skilled AC Maintenance experts with in-depth training and diverse model knowledge swiftly diagnose and fix issues using specialized tools for efficient and effective repairs.

Prompt Service Reminders

Skilled AC protection experts offer timely scheduling, thereby ensuring steady protection of the equipment. They adhere to a strict and fast provider timetable, notify for critical maintenance, and assist in systematic and timely servicing.

full service

Experienced AC professionals provide complete maintenance including cleaning, inspection, set up, repair and maintenance, fulfilling all air con wishes.


Regular AC servicing is important to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your device. Ignoring problems like water leaks in ACs can lead to higher energy costs and costly maintenance. It supports the scheduling of annual AC maintenance to prevent capacity issues.

If you face problems like water leakage from your split AC in Abu Dhabi, contact experts like Al Waha Hygiene. Their professional technicians and first-class equipment can pick up and strengthen the base objective, ensuring optimum functioning. Don’t wait for problems to worsen—plan an AC repair in Abu Dhabi with Al Waha Hygiene now for hassle-free enjoyment.