Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Right Moment for Replacing Your Restaurant Grease Trap

Prevent Unpleasant Sewer Issues in Your Eatery

Certainly, you’d prefer to steer clear of unsanitary sewage complications at your dining establishment. Maintaining a clean environment for food consumption is crucial. This is precisely why many restaurants utilize grease traps. These traps allow greasy substances to be separated, preventing them from entering the sewage system.

Yet, it’s important to remember that grease traps require regular maintenance and eventual replacement. How can you determine when it’s necessary to invest in a new grease trap cleaning for your restaurant?

Grease Tral Cleaning Services

Why a Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning is Essential

Restaurant grease traps hold such significance that they’re integral to the building regulations.

But what exactly are they, and what’s the reason behind their necessity?

Grease traps function as reservoirs within a restaurant’s drainage and sewage setup. Whenever you or your staff dispose of greasy substances, they flow through the sink and into the grease trap, where the oily components are filtered out.

This holds importance because, even if the grease is in liquid form during disposal, it can solidify within the pipes. This gradual buildup obstructs the plumbing over time, resulting in maintenance issues for you.

In certain areas, legal mandates stipulate periodic inspections of grease traps.

Individuals Responsible for Setting up the Grease Traps

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If the individual who placed the grease trap in the restaurant lacks professional expertise, it’s advisable to consider getting it changed.

Grease traps need to be tailored to fit the exact plumbing arrangement. Amateur methods might result in incorrect installation and gradual degradation.

Consequently, the possibility arises that your greases and oils might enter the sewage system. Even in the absence of other indications of grease trap cleaning issues, it’s recommended to inspect your traps if they were not put in place by a professional.

Unpleasant Smells

When the odour from your grease trap becomes unpleasant and standard cleaning doesn’t solve the issue, it’s a signal that you should consider getting a new one.

Food particles trapped in the grease trap, if left to sit, can develop an unpleasant smell. Neglecting regular grease trap cleaning services can make this smell worse, and it might also indicate that the trap requires maintenance.


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Blocked Drains

Are your sinks emptying sluggishly?

This might indicate that your grease trap is overly full, causing grease to accumulate in the pipes and block them. If this is true, you might need to consider cleaning, fixing, or changing your grease trap.

Your Eatery uses a lot of Fat and Oil

If your restaurant focuses on serving particularly greasy dishes, it’s important to regularly maintain your grease trap. You should clean the trap every 90 days and during this cleaning, inspect it for any signs of wear and tear that might require fixing.

Looking for Grease Trap Cleaning Services?

If you regularly inspect your restaurant’s grease trap and notice any damage, what steps should you take?

Since keeping grease traps clean aligns with restaurant building codes, it’s crucial to maintain them to stay compliant. If you’re aware of any damage to your trap, don’t hesitate!

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