What Can be the Reasons Behind Your AC Coil Not Functioning Properly?

AC Coil Not Functioning Properly? These are the Reasons and Solutions

In Abu Dhabi’s warm and humid weather, having an air conditioning (AC) system that isn’t functioning correctly might be a severe problem. You must locate and resolve the root cause as quickly as possible if your AC coil is not operating properly.

In this article, we’ll talk about some potential causes of your AC coil’s malfunction and offer some advice for fixing it.

AC Maintenance

1. Blocked or Dirty Air Filter

Your air conditioner’s air filter is in charge of collecting dust and grime from the air it circulates. The AC coil may not operate properly if the air filter becomes clogged or dusty. This can be avoided by routinely cleaning or replacing the air filter by the AC Maintenance company to make sure it is unclogged.

2. Faulty Thermostat

An important part of an AC system is the thermostat. The AC coil may malfunction if it isn’t functioning correctly. Ensure the thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature by checking it. If not, you should either get it repaired or replaced by AC Maintenance and Repair Services company.

AC Maintenance

3. Faulty Wiring

Your AC coil may not be operating properly due to faulty wiring. Numerous problems, including insufficient voltage, subpar connections, overheating, or even short-circuiting, could be brought on by faulty wiring. A loose or decayed connection, which might cause the electricity to be diverted from its intended course, is the most frequent reason for bad wiring. The AC coil may overheat or even explode if the wiring is improperly installed.

Get it checked by a qualified technician of Al-Waha Hygiene, AC Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi if you discover any loose wires or other indications of poor wiring.

4. Refrigerant Leakage

A frequent problem that might make the AC coil malfunction is refrigerant leaks. To stop further harm, the leak needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. To repair your refrigerant leakage contact Al-Waha Hygiene, AC Servicing Company.

5. Blocked Condenser Coils

The air is heated and then released by the condenser coils. The AC coil can malfunction if the coils get clogged or unclean. Condenser coils should be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent clogging.

AC MaintenanceYou should have your AC coil frequently serviced by an expert AC maintenance and repair service in Abu Dhabi to make sure it is operating properly. This will assist in locating any underlying problems and help to keep them from developing into bigger ones later on.

If you need assistance with any AC maintenance, servicing, repair, or AC installation in Abu Dhabi, then contact our experienced and reliable AC technician at Al Waha Hygiene.

We will be happy to identify the problem and offer the required services to restore the correct operation to your AC coil. You can book an appointment with us directly by visiting our official website.